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Hola! I’m the person who’s in charge of this :) Some info about me. I live in the small and charming country Lithuania. I am a designer, web developer and CEO in one big company. In my free time I’m a producer, DJ, illustrator and… There are many things on this planet which draw my attention. About two years ago i was absorbed by designer toys culture. I lost my mind and also has driven insane several of my friends. But in our enthusiasm we have faced some problems. In Baltic states you can’t buy such goods. That’s terrible!!! Of course, it’s possible to order toys in UK and Germany, but why not to organize sales here in Baltics. The market is huge, plus the viewers of my Lithuanian blogs say that these toys will have tremendous success. Thus we have decided to take matters in our own hands. My friends and I from Probanner company at present develop a technical basis for online shop which will sell designer toys, handmade accessories, decorations, T-shirts. The works goes on, and soon will be over. At the moment we adjust the delivery schemes, connect payment systems. If you are a designer, who creates interesting things and wish to sell them on Baltics territory, with population about ten million inhabitants - you are welcome! Write to me, describe your product, price and delivery terms, I shall necessarily contact you. We are always glad to everything, that is cute and unique. That’ it for now. Love you all.

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